lørdag 31. mai 2014

Kontakt oss

Project Life Norge er å finne på flere sosiale medier, men vi kan også nås direkte på epost;projectlifeinorge@outlook.com

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  2. hej hej! kontaktade er när jag vann en tävling i september men har inte hört av er?
    Mvh Malin

  3. Hello I introduce myself, my name is Bolmara De Marco I am from Buenos Aires, Argenitna and I would love to settle in Norway. I am 52 years old and I am a mother of two daughters, one of 31, Catalina and another of 27 Julieta who has already made me Felipe's grandmother who is 3 years old and is my weakness. I love my country but for a couple of years the social, economic and political situation here has become very difficult. Having made life here very difficult. I have a small craft weaving enterprise and a few months ago I went to the Norwegian embassy to ask about the possibilities that I have to go to live in that country.
    They treated me very well, they advised me what are the steps to follow to be able to go with my venture and they even gave me some forms to complete as soon as I arrived in Norway.
    My idea is to choose between Oslo and Bergen two cities that for what I was reading are very attractive.
    I am looking for contact with people who are already linked to the decoration and clothing category to be able to see where and how to offer my products when I am in Norway.
    I hope it does not bother you that I have written it like that without more or more without knowing each other but I do not know many people in Norway and I am trying to establish some friendly relationship if possible.
    I will attach links to my pages so you can see my work.
    I am also an English teacher but I am much more interested in crafts, deoration and creation of pieces in crochet.
    ah! I forgot to tell you that I also started studying Norwegian! Facebook page .
    Instagram Bolmarademarco
    Thank you very much !!!